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          Stack dust and flue gas PRODUCTS IN THE WORLD

          Laoying3012H-D Portable High Flow Rate and Low Concentrations Stack Dust Automatic Tester

          Product overview

          It applies pitot tube isokinetic sampling method to collect particulate matter in stationary source emission, applies filtering and weighting method to determine the quality and applies constant potential electrolysis method to determine the concentrations of harmful gases. It can be used to determine the stack dust (gas) emissions concentration, equivalent concentration, total amount and dust removal, desulfurization efficiency of variety of boilers and furnaces. It can also be used to measure stack dynamic pressure, static pressure, the pressure and temperature in front of flow meter, temperature of flue gas, humidity ratio, concentrations of O2, SO2, CO, NO, NO2, H2S, CO2, Isokinetic sucking velocity and so on.
          It is widely used for environmental protection, testing company, Industrial And Mining Enterprises, hygiene, working place, safety inspection, military, scientific research, education and other departments.




          Execution standard

          \  HJ/T 48-1999  Technical conditions of sampler for stack dust
          \  JJG 968-2002  Verification regulation of flue gas analyzers
          \  JJG 680-2007  Verification regulation of samplers for stack dust
          \  DB37/T 2537-2014 Determination of low concentration particulate matters in stationary source emission of Shandong province  gravimetric method




          Product features

          \  When the concentration of particulate matters in stationary source emission is lower than 50mg/m3 during low concentration determination, as the sampling volume under standard condition is 1m3,the lower testing limit is 1mg/m3
          \  High-load, low-noise, high flow-rate sampling pump, up to 100L/min
          \  Isokinetic tracking sampling controlled by microcomputer, with exclusive way of adjustment and short response time
          \  Accurate electronic flow meter control, real-time temperature and pressure monitoring, automatic flow rate adjustment
          \  Wide temperature large-screen reversible TFT color display, with resistance to high cold and wide visual angle,accomplished man-machine interactive interface
          \  Precise design of dust-proof and water-proof industrial board, suitable for severe environment, easy to operate.
          \  Unique design of efficient gas-water separator with high efficiency of drying, improves silicone's use
          \  Design of Visible dust-filter core, with convenience for replacement and efficiency to filter the particulate matters, offering further protection of gas circuit and sampling pump
          \  Automatic fault detection function and airtightness alarm function, easy for user's maintenance and usage
          \  Industrial high-speed imbedded IPC core, Run WINCE operating system
          \  Intelligent software calibrating function
          \  Developed Windows environment based computer database and communication system, accomplished storage, query and print-out through computer communication.
          \  Real-time display the curve of the sampled data, easy to observe the changes in the sampling data;
          \  With DC power interface, accomplished AC/DC power supply
          \  Automatic power monitoring function:  If power off during sampling, it can automatically save data and continue to sample after power resume
          \  Isolated DIO channel and sampling probe earth line design, with strong ability of anti-static and anti-interference
          \  Positive sampling nozzle and negative sampling nozzle of pitot tube are connected to the mainframe with different colored channels to prevent reversal, accurately determine dynamic pressure
          \  Automatically Prevent the dust in filter cartridge from being sucked back after completion of sampling
          \  Super high-capacity data storage, up to more than 100000 groups
          \  Various man-machine interface: Supports mouse, U-disk, keyboard, touchpad, and printer and so on.
          \  Adopt high speed miniature thermal printer, with high-speed, low-noise and high-accuracy
          \  Support Chinese input, automatically memorize information of stack condition configuration, convenient for later use.
          \  small size, light weight, easy to operate, easy to carry
          \  Flue gas processor is optional, to increase the accuracy of flue gas composition test
          \  Low concentration stack dust multi-function sampling probe is optional, to accomplish low concentration PM sampling
          \  Pitch smoke sampling is optional, to measure the emission concentration of pitch smoke.
          \  Oil smoke sampling probe is optional, to measure the emission concentration of oil smoke for catering industry





          The above parameters are totally up to the requirements of the relevant national standards. If product upgrades, or image does not match with real machine, please refer to the real machine.
          If you have special needs, please call:
          the unified national customer sales hotline:400-676-5892 or service hotline: 400-676-6892 to consulate details, Thank you for your cooperation!


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